APEX Pro Launches Gen II!

The new 2nd Generation APEX Pro Device implements all of the knowledge we acquired designing, manufacturing, and selling the original APEX Pro device and gives you an even more powerful tool. 

APEX Pro is known for helping you find your limit on track, and learn to correlate your control inputs (steering, gas, and brake) with getting the tire to the limit. Gen II takes that capability to the next level. 

Benefits of APEX Gen II:

  • Smoother more precise data (satellite map and data graphs)
  • Easier interpretation of APEX coaching model (APEX Scores will be closer to 100%)
  • Predictive time display on LED’s makes it super simple to see if you are trending faster or slower than your best lap so far! This is a standard Gen II feature.
  • Lower profile design means it takes up even less space on the dash so your vision is not obstructed!
  • Increased battery life (6+ hours)
  • Charging indication: Red LED by charging port = unit charging. Green LED by charging port = Unit is done charging.
  • USB-C charging cable
  • New APEX App User Interface for easier use (App version 8.0+)
  • Crew View is all new, offering new public profiles, easier data submission, and new awards!
  • Telemetry: Live Streaming of Speed, Long G, Lat G data traces. Perfect for trackside coaching and endurance racing!

Download the PDF below for more details on the new Gen II product!