ABout us


There’s no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning and heading to the track, ready for that moment when you downshift into the first turn and feel subtle g-forces pulling you sideways. We love the roar of the engine, the speed of a straightaway and how our car feels like an extension of ourselves. 



We’re all about knowing how fast we’re going and we’re always questioning if we can go even faster. We want to know how are our tires are performing in the day’s conditions. We want ways to compare driving performance in any car we’re driving. 

Welcome to a world where APEX uses machine-learning to update you with your current performance while also showing you the potential performance you could be reaching. APEX makes it possible to see data in real-time. We even equipped it with a scoring function so you can measure your driving performance based on things like the tires you’re using and the conditions of the track. And let’s be honest, we really want to compare our score with all the other guys on the track.