APEX was born out of the desire to simplify and improve the way data is displayed and communicated to the driver. 

While building a Formula SAE car, Austin Gurley saw the need for a way to simply show the drivers their current vs potential performance. He knew that lap times were the end result, but are ultimately a low resolution tool for increasing performance. The team spent thousands of dollars on data acquisition systems and sensors but  those systems led to marginal benefit to the drivers due to the time required to digest and analyze the information. 
Austin partnered with racer Andrew Rains who used his Pirelli World Challenge racing effort as the test bed for the product. With the validation from pro racers and coaches, APEX entered the market and has proven to be an effective tool, with the potential to re-shape the way drivers view data.
Andrew works as a professional driver coach, using APEX to help all of his clients improve on the track.
Together the team has built a helpful and fun to use product that is ushering in a new era of motorsports data! 


race driver holding apex pro in hand in front of race car

Andrew Rains
Business Lead

Robby Foley
Pro Driver

APEX Pro LLC launched out of (and operates out of) the DEFT Venture Studio in Birmingham, AL.