NEW! OBDII Interface

The APEX Pro OBDII Interface integrates with the APEX iOS app seamlessly via Bluetooth to enhance the logging capabilities of your APEX Pro Hardware. Using both the APEX Pro unit and OBDII Interface allows you to get real-time feedback, dynamic data AND engine data!

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Enhance Your Racing Experience

APEX Pro makes data simpler. It combines a robust real-time LED display and an intuitive smartphone app for post-session data review. It uses the latest in Machine Learning and sensor technology to make logging data an enhancement to your experience at the track and NOT a time consuming, complicated process. Instant, intuitive, elegant, and social.

No matter the discipline of racing you do, APEX has you covered.

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Live Streaming

CrewView Live Stream means you never need to worry about forgetting a stopwatch or binoculars again. APEX Pro can stream a driver’s location, speed, and laps in real time to the APEX app, showing you exactly where they are on track. See live lap times and session best lap times as soon as the finish line is crossed. Any APEX Pro hardware user with a smartphone can participate!

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Community Leaderboards

Your best track PRs don’t have to remain personal. Post your lap times and APEX Scores on the leaderboard of hundreds of official tracks around the world. Keep up with friends’ and competitors’ times on your favorite track. Get a feel for your performance on a new course in seconds by comparing the track’s APEX Score Par to your own score. Just don’t get too comfortable with your top ten records – CrewView users are posting new top scores every week!

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APEX on-board Mike Fenn at Mont Tremblant

Grassroots Motorsports Live

Data Review Tutorial