What is Apex?


APEX is an artificial intelligence system used for vehicle performance simulation. APEX learns the performance limits of your vehicle, and gives you real-time feedback on how to optimize your decisions at every point on the track.


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How It Works

Ride along as APEX gives real-time feedback to the driver, resulting in better decision making on the track:

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What APEX Tells You


APEX constantly predicts the peak performance it anticipates you should attempt, then displays your current performance as a fraction of that limit. This results in a green bar  (your current performance) reaching toward the red bar (potential performance). By overlapping the two, you receive intuitive feedback at a glance.

Demo Video

Ride along as the Digital Driving Coach builds a base calibration, and gives real-time feedback to the driver to allow for quick decision making on the track.

How It Works (Technical)


Apex uses inertial (IMU) measurements and GPS to model your driving ability, your car, and the track you are on in real time. As the DDC learns, it will predict your theoretical performance instantaneously. To make the complex model easy to interpret, we reduce it to a single score that is shown on the DDC as a red bar extending from left to right.

What APEX Drivers Are Saying

I am a track day driver, 69 years old, started this sport at 66. I drive a 99 Corvette, supercharged, coil over springs, etc. APEX Pro has enabled me to come out of turns faster as it tells me I can continue to add power when I may have been unwilling. Not having huge amounts of track time the precision of the device allowed me to apply power till I had all green, then play with the back end much more confidently. I was at 2+05 at Barber and after using Apex Pro my time is now 1+48! I still have one or two red lights so I am looking for a few more seconds.   – Tom R.

I Was 2+05 at Barber… Using APEX Pro, I’m Now 1+48!

Wow, 6 seconds off my lap time at Barber Motorsports Park is incredible!  And in one weekend.  From 1’49” to 1’43” and I attribute all that to the Apex Pro.  My confidence to push my car more to its limits was boosted when the Apex Pro kept telling me to push harder and faster. Each time I get on the track I am improving my lap time and especially, my confidence to push the car.  What a great feeling. APEX Pro is absolutely the best coaching I’ve ever had!   –  Ralph S.

APEX Pro Is Absolutely the Best Coaching I’ve Ever Had!