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December 3rd, 2020 | Alabama-based motorsports tech startup APEX Pro is excited to announce that their patent, which was filed in September 2017, has been granted. This patent covers what the APEX Pro team calls the “Performance Coaching Apparatus,” which describes how measurements are gathered, filtered, computed, and displayed to a driver while on a racetrack. While specific examples for motorsports are provided, in the patent, it covers a broad range of performance coaching applications where real-time indications are beneficial.

In addition to being granted this IP, the APEX Pro team welcomed a strategic out-of-state angel investor and successful tech entrepreneur to raise APEX Pro’s Seed Round of funding. This investment enables APEX Pro to continue gaining market share and developing new technology products.

“Having this patent granted is a huge step for our team. Our team had a vision for the real-time display and executed that vision. This patent speaks to Dr. Austin Gurley’s foresight and innovative mind. The APEX Pro Team is proud to have our technology protected.”- Andrew Rains, APEX Pro Co-Founder

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Based out of the DEFT Venture Studio in Birmingham, AL, APEX Pro is focused on helping drivers improve with technology that simplifies the process. APEX Pro was founded in 2015 and has been actively on the market since 2017. APEX Pro is enjoyable, accessible, and social.

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