APEX Pro DE Classroom Support Programs:
  • Message tailored to your organization
  • We are an educational business that sells a data acquisition product. Our goal is to offer education and value to your drivers through the lens of data
  • Programs vary from Novice/ Intermediate classroom support to Advanced driver classroom sessions and Introduction to Data
  • Download the “APEX Pro DE Classroom Support” PDF for more information on these programs and what they offer to your drivers
  • Download the “Introduction to Data” PDF to see a sample of our classroom presentation (note, this is for the Intro to data course only, other courses use different presentations)
We asked some of the leaders of the organizations we work with for their feedback on our program. Here’s what we got:


“Andrew Rains and the APEX Pro Team have become a key contributor TO all 4 of our run group’s classroom and on-track experience.  APEX Pro is education first and his classroom presentations reflect this. They are matched perfectly to each group’s skill level. He’s an excellent presenter and our customers love his program. Huge value add for any organization”.

– Eric Meyer, Instructor Summit/ NASA Great Lakes Chief Instructor



 “The APEX Pro approach to drivers education is beyond compare. Andrew and his team have the ability to communicate the nuances of high performance driving at all levels. The complexity of detail and presentations, make these classroom experiences a must. As the technology gets better, the instruction has to be also. Andrew Rains and his team at Apex Pro have it mastered.”

– Jack Joyner, BMW CCA Heart of Dixie Region, Founder and Former Chief Instructor



“APEX Pro does a great job introducing data analysis to enthusiasts of all levels and their enthusiasm for teaching the topic makes it fun.  Regardless of which brand of device you own, they turn the “Squiggly Lines” into “Plain English” and communicate it in a way that makes the light bulb turn on. They remove the mystery and frustration of not knowing where to begin and provide a ton of tips and clues based on years of experience.  You leave the session eager to use the device to identify specific things to work on, rather than just being another driver who owns a fancy lap timer.” 

– Jim McGovern, Chin Track Days, Chief Instructor