Upgrade to the NEW APEX Pro!

Interested in upgrading to the APEX Pro Gen II?

Keep reading to learn how you can get credit for your old APEX Pro device!

APEX Pro Gen II is the results of a 4 year development process of the original APEX Pro device. In that time, the team at APEX Pro has been developing Internet of Things products in other industries for clients and has designed and manufactured more than 20 products since the launch of the first APEX Pro.

This experience and knowledge have created the perfect storm for the design of an all new APEX Pro, the Gen II. Gen II operates similarly to Gen I APEX device, but with an extreme emphasis on user friendliness and no compromises in data logging power.

This is accomplished with a fresh design, including upgraded microchips (better accelerometers & GPS!), a new circuit board, better battery & battery status monitoring, and more durable LED lights. You now not only can see when the Gen II device is charging and fully charged, but you will experience improved battery life as well.

We are offering a $99 rebate on an APEX Pro Gen II with the return of your current Gen I APEX Pro device! 

Gen II Features and Benefits 

  • Enhanced APEX coaching model. Easier to interpret with less red lights on the straights! •
  • Predictive Timing Display option on APEX Pro LED’s. 
  • Telemetry Streaming via CrewView with in-app purchase. 
  • Charging status indicator next to USB-C charging port. Red: Charging | Green: Charged •
  • Lower profile design for mounting versatility and visibility. 
  • New style Baseplate for an even more secure mount. 

Hardware Specs 

  • 16 bit IMU with 8x the precision of the APEX Gen I unit. 
  • 10hz GPS now uses a patch antenna, providing 50% accuracy improvement over Gen I.
  • Improved battery life due to low power mode in standby. 
  • Improved battery indicator. 
  • Physically smaller than APEX Gen I by 1/4” height.


Upgrade Details

  1. Add a Gen II APEX Pro to your cart on apextrackcoach.com
  2. Enter:    upgrade99off    into the “Coupon Code” box during checkout.
  3. This code will not produce a discount, it will flag your order so we know to refund you $99 when we receive your old unit in the mail.
  4. Purchase the Gen II unit for full MSRP.
  5. Mail back your old APEX Pro unit. Include the baseplate if you can; the Gen II baseplate is different. 
    • Mail the unit to: 3029 4th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233