Live Data Review Session


Join APEX Pro Co-Founder Andrew Rains for a live one on one data review session. This is done via a Zoom Meeting (no software required). After you purchase the session, APEX Pro will reach out to you to setup a time and request up to two data sessions from a single track for review.

Email us up to two data session from the same track for this review session: [email protected]

The session last about 45 minutes, plan for an hour when looking at your schedule.

What can you expect from this session?

  • Data Analysis. What sticks out? How are you using the brake pedal?
    • Explanation of how to analyze data (what to look for in the data next time out)
    • Conversational – Ask questions as we analyze data.
  • Coaching – what have you been working on, and what should you focus on next from what was learned in the data

After the session you will receive an email with the following:

    • Link to meeting recording
    • 3 priorities – What 3 things will help you accomplish your goals next time out?
    • 3 suggestions for things to look for specifically in your data

Click here to view watch a Live Data Review session on YouTube!