Recorded Data Review Session


Submit your data to APEX Pro for professional review!

Email us up to two data sessions from the same track for this review session: [email protected]

This is a Recorded Data Review session. APEX Pro will record a 15-20 minute video using your data and provide you with three actionable steps you can take to improve.

What can you expect from this session?

  • Data Analysis. What sticks out? How are you using the brake pedal?
    • Explanation of how to analyze data
  • Coaching – what have you been working on, and what should you focus on next from what was learned in the data
  • Three things to focus on next time out

You will receive:

  • An email with a recording of this session
  • Specific action items to help accomplish your goals
  • Specific ways you can monitor your data in the future to measure improvement