APEX OBDII Interface

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The APEX Pro OBDII Interface integrates with the APEX iOS app seamlessly via Bluetooth to enhance the logging capabilities of your APEX app. Using both the APEX Pro Hardware and OBDII Interface allows you to get real-time feedback, dynamic data AND engine data! OBDII features include:

  • View Live OBDII Data by tapping “OBDII Dashboard” on the home screen of the app
  • Log OBDII data: Throttle position, RPM, MAP Pressure, and Coolant Temperature
  • Diagnose OBDII trouble codes and reset the Check Engine Light (MIL)
  • 0-60 Timer to show your friends! Record time, distance, and RPM
  • Compatible with all OBDII compliant vehicles (1996 and newer). Data rates and data transmitted varies per vehicle. Generally, older vehicles will have slower data transfer and may have fewer data channels available.

No updates or changes are required to the APEX Pro Hardware to run alongside the OBDII Interface. OBDII can also be used with the app only (no APEX Pro Hardware connection) for monitoring engine data, displaying engine data, clearing OBDII trouble codes, and diagnosing trouble codes!

The OBDII Module can be used for lap timing and logging without the APEX Pro Hardware. To do this, tap your User Profile and toggle on “Enable phone GPS logging”. You can use your phone GPS to run laps on official tracks or to create custom tracks for autocross, hill-climb, etc.

Check out our video for more information and how to install!


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