Automatically Sync and Render Data and Video with Lap Timer Plus!

NEW For Lap Timer Plus!
Lap Timer Plus now enables subscribers to film video with their iPhone and automatically sync APEX Pro data with the video.

No more importing data files into third party software to manually align data. Now that is done for you! You can overlay the APEX Pro grip lights, speed, and track position with their video.

You will be able to record stabilized or natural video in 720p or 1080p resolution. Both resolutions record at 30 Frames Per Second. Subscribe to Lap Timer Plus on the home screen of the APEX Pro app to access Video Syncing, Predictive Timing, Sector Times, Optimal Time, and more!

Patrick Daugherty turned laps using the new APEX Pro video syncing feature with JZilla Track Days at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Charlotte in the wet is sketchy, but Patrick loved every minute!

Looking for a way to record your APEX Pro video?

Make sure you have a solid phone mount to capture laps on the race track. The APEX Pro Phone Mount should do the trick. It is fairly universal and works for phones of various sizes!

The APEX Pro Motorsports Phone Mount was designed in-house by APEX Pro for the demand of driving on track. The suction base is rated for 5 pounds. Holding your phone securely is no problem.

The sleek, anodized, aluminum phone holder is adjustable and can hold the largest iPhone’s currently available. It can also handle the smaller iPod touch (iPad’s will not fit in the mount). This mount is designed to shake less while filming than other phone mounts on the market. Due to the shape of your phone and the camera being on the far end (not centralized like an action cam), there is likely to still be shakiness in your video.

Ride along with Tony Cancel as he used an iPhone 12 to capture the action at Barber Motorsports Park!