Slicing and Dicing in GridLife Touring Cup with Josh Rubenstein!

Ride along with Josh as he keeps his eyes up and commits to two awesome passes at Gingerman Raceway competing in GridLife Touring Cup!

Josh is using his iPhone as his lap timer display with the APEX Pro App, and has the unit mounted on the dash hump for easy access for his peripherals. Follow Josh on Instagram @joshua_rubenstein

What is GLTC? Click the link below to learn more about the GridLife Touring Cup! It’s an awesome new wheel to wheel racing class and it is growing like crazy!

How do you analyze the Long G channel?

Watch for info on using Longitudinal G to determine braking effort. Long is a powerful data channel! Long G measures the result of your pedal inputs. Learn what to look for in the Long G channel to unlock your potential behind the wheel!

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