What Apple products will run the latest APEX App?

The APEX Pro team has thrown all of their weight behind the Apple/ iOS App platform – APEX Pro is releasing updates to improve functionality and fix bugs at least once per month! The App team monitors crashes and bugs closely. So what are the key things to know to keep your APEX App updated and working properly?

iOS 12 is required to run the most recent version of the APEX App (7.1.2 as of 6/4/2019) . Click here to download app version 7.1.2!

Apple hardware that can run iOS 11 can be updated to run iOS 12! Click here for a list of iOS 12 supported devices.

What happens if I don’t update my app?

If your app is not up to date it is more likely to crash or have minor bugs that affect the user experience. Older apps will not be as friendly with newer iOS versions as well. It is always best to update your iOS software and APEX App together!

Click here for a great article about how to update the apps on your Apple phone!

NEWS: What’s going on in the world of APEX Pro?

The homepage on https://apextrackcoach.com/ has recently been updated – let us know what you think!

Check out the newly updated Getting Started page for EVERYTHING you need to answer product related questions. This page includes links to our YouTube channel, Facebook and more!

The Real Time Feedback guide is a great resource for understanding the APEX Pro LED display.

We hope to see you at the track soon!

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