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Back-up your data with iCloud Drive!

Backing up your data is simple process using your iCloud Drive. Below are videos that show how to enable iCloud Drive, how to save your data to iCloud, and then how to upload that data back into the APEX Pro app. After each weekend of recording data it is a good idea to overwrite your […]

Nov. 2020 App Updates!

App version 7.7.10 was released on November 16, 2020 and includes a huge amount of new features to you get the most out of the APEX Pro app! This video contains a summary of all the new changes and it’s only 12 minutes long. Check it out! New Stabilization options The biggest change for subscribers […]

Need a Better Phone Mount?

The APEX Pro Motorsports Phone Mount was developed in-house by the APEX Pro team for the demands and rigors of driving on track. The strong suction based is rated for 5 pound. Holding your phone securely is no problem. The goal for the motorsports phone mount is to provide you with a strong suction mount […]

Lap Timer Plus has new Functionality as of June 1, 2020!

We started a new Facebook group for LTP subscribers only. Please request to join the groups if you subscribe to LTP. We will cross reference you with our data base before approval. As an LTP subscriber, you will receive access to the LTP Facebook group and a free recurring webinar roundtable discussion that will be […]

5 Reasons to Consider an APEX Pro

You have read posts on forums, seen YouTube videos, and even joined a data acquisition group on Facebook but you are still trying to decide what device you need to shed more light on your on-track performance. APEX Pro, while still “the new kid on the block,” is no longer an eager new student learning […]

What is Lap Timer Plus?

Lap Timer Plus is a premium app feature that turns your APEX app into a Predictive Lap Timing Display and enables you to record and automatically sync and render data and video together! As of September 2020, you can now use your iPhone to capture video with Lap Timer Plus. After recording video you can […]

What Apple products will run the latest APEX App?

The APEX Pro team has thrown all of their weight behind the Apple/ iOS App platform – APEX Pro is releasing updates to improve functionality and fix bugs at least once per month! The App team monitors crashes and bugs closely. So what are the key things to know to keep your APEX App updated […]