The Brake Release with Robby Foley (webinar Recording)!


On Tuesday, June 23rd at 7:00 Eastern, 6:00pm Central IMSA Pro Robby Foley will join Andrew from APEX Pro to discuss braking technique! Robby races for Turner Motorsport in the IMSA GTD class. Robby has two GTD poles, and a class victory at Petit Le Mans in 2019. This is one hour webinar that includes a one hour live session including Q&A with Robby and a follow up with a recording of the session.

This webinar is focused on the brake release, also defined as Phase 3 during Robby and Andrew’s May webinar:

    • The Three Phases of Braking
      • Recap: What are the three phases?
      • Why is Phase three so important?
    • What is Phase three (Hint: The Brake release!)
      • Where does phase three start, and where does it end?
      • What mistakes do most drivers make in phase three?
      • Pedal placement/ foot placement on the brake pedal
    • How can you get better in phase three?
      • How to practice your brake release
      • How does the speed/ radius of the corner influence the brake release?
        • End of Braking (EoB)
          • High speed EoB
          • Medium speed EoB
          • Slow speed EoB