Nov. 2020 App Updates!

App version 7.7.10 was released on November 16, 2020 and includes a huge amount of new features to you get the most out of the APEX Pro app!

This video contains a summary of all the new changes and it’s only 12 minutes long. Check it out!

New Stabilization options

The biggest change for subscribers on 7.7.10 is for Lap Timer Plus enables different stabilization methods to help smooth out video recording. The options look the same, but both natural and stabilized now control different back end options to enhance recording.

Natural video now means there is no software stabilization at all. It looks better so far in our testing. Try it out!

New method for Screen Orientation

To avoid having the phone screen rotate while you are recording data on track, the latest update makes it so that a manual rotation icon controls the orientation. This makes video and data logging more robust and ensures that the G -loads from driving on the track don’t switch the orientation.

New Arrows for Toggling Data Review Screens

Look at these fancy new arrows for switching review screens! Hopefully this makes it easier for new users to know you can toggle between review screens.

Hopefully these new arrow icons enable new users to toggle between review screens easier and faster.

Are you a Lap Timer Plus Subscriber?

Now the Lap Timer Plus icons allows subscribers to get info on how to navigate to their newly unlocked features. If you have not subscribed this page will still be an advertisement for Lap Timer Plus.

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