Mounting Guide


Dash Top Mount:

  • The provided 3M adhesive works perfectly for leather, cloth, metal, or plastic mounting surfaces. Note that the adhesive may leave residue on alacantara or suede when removed.
  • Mount the device so that it is detectable in the lower part of your field of view. Like you would mount shift lights!
  • When mounting, turn your steering wheel lock to lock with both hands to ensure that the wheel or your hands do not block the display. Sometimes this is unavoidable.
  • Clean the selected location with the provided alcohol wipes. Make sure to let the surface dry completely.
  • Peel the double-sided tape and press the unit and base firmly down on the dash and hold for a few seconds.
  • You can now remove the unit from the base for charging, storage, or use in another vehicle.
  • Additional base plates can be purchased on or from your local dealer!

Suction Cup Mount:

  • Press the suction mount to your preferred mounting location on your vehicle’s windshield.
  • Firmly press the suction mount to the windshield then depress the button in the center and pull the latch down to secure.
  • Use the two adjustment screws to ensure APEX is properly secured and mounted in a location that works for your field of view!
  • Make sure both adjustment screws are tight before going on the track!
  • Mount APEX with the anodized aluminum back plate facing in the direction of travel, and the LED’s facing the driver


  • Avoid hanging or mounting APEX upside down. 
  • Avoid mounting APEX so that it is not rotated or yawed towards the driver more than 10 degrees. Try to mount it so that the back plate is directly facing the direction of travel for optimal GPS and IMU accuracy.