APEX Pro + Phone Mount Hardware

What is APEX Pro?
APEX Pro’s goal is to make motorsports data enjoyable, accessible, and simple to learn from. APEX allows you to log powerful data and review it from your phone! The APEX Pro device shows how much of the vehicle’s potential grip you are using in real time. 
What is Lap Timer Plus?
APEX Pro recently upgraded the Lap Timer Plus subscription to enable video recording. APEX Pro user’s can now easily record video with their iPhone, then render that video with data from the APEX hardware with the touch of a button in the app!
How do I get a free Motorsports Phone Mount?
  • Purchase an APEX Pro, and the new Motorsports Phone Mount 
  1. Add both items to your cart (APEX Pro unit and Motorsports Phone Mount)
  2. Enter the Coupon Code: HAGERTYOFFER to get the $59 Motorsports Phone Mount for FREE!
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