Back-up your data with iCloud Drive!

Backing up your data is simple process using your iCloud Drive. Below are videos that show how to enable iCloud Drive, how to save your data to iCloud, and then how to upload that data back into the APEX Pro app.

After each weekend of recording data it is a good idea to overwrite your files on iCloud drive by tapping the iCloud icon. This way if you ever need to delete and reinstall the app, or if you get a new phone, all of your data will be stored safely.

It is very likely you already have your iCloud Drive enabled. If you have successfully saved your user profile in the APEX Pro app, then your iCloud Drive is already enabled and you are good to move on to video two!

1) Enable iCloud Drive

2) Backup your Data by Tapping the iCloud Icon!

3) Upload Data from iCloud back into the APEX Pro App using the Files App

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