Apex App



Choose "Drive" when you're ready to get moving!

After pressing "Start" the timer will begin recording your current lap time. As you go around the track, your successive laps will appear in a table below the timer.

The "Last Lap" and "Best Lap" are displayed prominently below the main timer.

The name of the currently selected track appears above the main timer.



Data will display a list of all the Runs you have saved, as well as any Runs that have been shared with you.

Click on any of the Runs to open a new screen with detailed information and data analysis.

Crew View


Crew View allows you to see other Apex users live on the track! Just search for a username and select the user. They will appear on the map in real time, along with anyone else on the same track.

To appear on Crew View, the user must have their APEX Pro unit connected and have started the timer in the "Drive" display, as well as choosing to "Publish my lap times" in the user profile settings.


Crew View also has a "Data" option that allows you to view all the current lap times of a user, as well as their Apex Score.



You will need to calibrate the navigation sensors to account for the exact angle at which the unit is mounted on your dash. This only needs to be done once when you first mount APEX to your dash or if the app prompts you to calibrate the unit in the “Drive” interface – Make sure to re-calibrate when you move the APEX to another mounting position/vehicle.

Make sure your APEX is clipped securely to the magnetic base and tap 'Calibrate'. Be still for a few seconds while the sensors are adjusted... Done! APEX is now calibrated for your car.



Set the desired brightness by tapping the "Brightness" button - APEX will demonstrate the brightness after each tap (the circle in the icon will also fill in dependent on the brightness level).


Tap this "Connect" button, or the one in the upper left corner of the app. Select 'APEX_pro' by tapping on the name of the device with the highest signal. When a connection is established, the APEX display will go blank, and the rightmost blue LED will blink once every few seconds. If no devices are listed, make sure your APEX Unit is powered on, and that your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.



This will change the LED display of the APEX unit. There are multiple colors and styles to choose from.

Try different display styles to learn what works best for your peripheral vision!


Select your skill level to match the light display to the region where you spend most of your driving time: 1 star maps the lights from 0% to 100% peak performance; 2 stars maps from 50% to 100%; 3 stars maps from 90% to 100%. We recommend everyone start on 2 stars until you are familiar with the display.

Road / AutoX

This sets the APEX unit into one of two different modes: Road or Autocross. Choose which mode best fits your current course!



Simulate the APEX Pro feedback live on your device!

See how the display provides an intuitive view of your performance limits.