Lap Timer Plus has new Functionality as of June 1, 2020!

We started a new Facebook group for LTP subscribers only. Please request to join the groups if you subscribe to LTP. We will cross reference you with our data base before approval.

As an LTP subscriber, you will receive access to the LTP Facebook group and a free recurring webinar roundtable discussion that will be track specific starting in July 2020. We will host these webinars roughly once every 6 weeks. For these webinars you can submit your data to APEX Pro for review during the webinar session! These webinars will be focused on specific tracks.

APEX Pro is excited to announce that in addition to Sector and Theoretical Times, GPS Altitude, OBDII Gear selection, and Predictive Timing, the next LTP update will add OBDII Pedal Position (throttle pedal input) to the logged channels!

Purchase LTP in the APEX Pro App. Click here to Download the app!

As an LTP subscriber you will receive discounts on paid APEX Pro webinars!

The price for LTP will be increasing on June 1st to enable consistent new feature additions and value.

  • Annual Subscribers – your pricing is locked in at $49 until your subscription comes up for renewal next year. Purchasing the Annual subscription after May 31st will be $99.
  • Monthly subscribers – your price will increase for the month of June from $4.99 to $9.99 per month. You can purchase the annual subscription before June 1st to lock in $49 pricing until next year. To switch from the Monthly to Annual subscription, first cancel your existing subscription (Settings, Tap your iCloud username at the top, Tap Subscriptions, APEX Pro) then open the APEX App, tap “Lap Timer Plus” and select the Annual subscription.

New pricing will give you more features!

The new pricing model will give you access to new custom LTP only data channels when LTP features are updated. We will continue to update Lap Timer Plus with new features.

***To check your existing Lap Timer Plus Subscription Tap Settings, tap your iCloud username, then tap Subscriptions***

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