5 Reasons to Consider an APEX Pro

You have read posts on forums, seen YouTube videos, and even joined a data acquisition group on Facebook but you are still trying to decide what device you need to shed more light on your on-track performance.

APEX Pro, while still “the new kid on the block,” is no longer an eager new student learning point-by’s and flags in the Novice run group. The rookie stripes are off (or Novice X’s, etc..) and the product has matured into the lineup of dashboard devices you commonly see in the paddock. 

Being a Co-Founder of the business, I have a biased view (product sales pay my bills!), but most folks who know me would say that I have an honest perspective of where the product sits in the data system product landscape. I also am privy to a lot of customer feedback be it positive, negative, and everything in between. Below are the 5 most commons things I hear from customers, as to why they bought an APEX Pro.

Below is a summary of the 5 things we hear most often from our customers.

  1. APEX Pro is simple to use.

Using APEX Pro is no more complicated than using a smartphone app. The beauty of using your phone to control the APEX Pro device and view data is that you are already intimately familiar with the interface (it’s your phone!). Connecting to the APEX Pro hardware is simple and done in the APEX Pro iOS app using Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection is strong, reliable, and proven. The data is saved to your APEX Pro app immediately after a session for viewing.

Search “apex pro” in the Apple App Store to download the free app. Email APEX Pro directly at apex@apextrackcoach.com to request sample data for your home track.

2. Tutorials, resources, and customer service are all readily available

Data acquisition is nothing new, but being able to easily access data immediately after driving is. Most data acquisition products are designed to be used by people who use the software weekly or even daily. Remember the first time you used Microsoft PowerPoint, or Excel? Remember how finicky it was at first, unless you were a software savant, until you used it enough to figure it out? Since none of us go to the track every day, the software used to analyze our driving has to be usable for someone only using it a few times a month.

To solve this problem, APEX Pro consistently updates our App tutorials so you can follow along easily. Most of these tutorials live on the APEX Pro YouTube Channel (linked in resources below).

Resources are also available in PDF format on the “Getting Started” page of apextrackcoach.com, which is also linked below. We recommend checking out these resources before making a purchasing decision.

APEX Pro offers both paid and free webinars to help you continue your education on the product and analyzing your data. Free webinars are in conjunction with a partner or sponsor, while paid webinars are very targeted and focused on specific facets of data review. Paid webinars include a follow-up email with a recording of the session.

Do you prefer videos?

Checkout YouTube!

Looking for product tutorial PDF’s? Click below:

Getting Started

Are you on Facebook?

Click here for the APEX Pro Facebook page

Looking for a forum and community to discuss the product with? Join the APEX Pro User’s Group:

3. APEX Pro is expandable with accessories and paid app features

The app is free, so downloading the iOS app is the first step. You can analyze and view data without purchasing anything! Tap into the User Profile and you can even enable data logging with the phone’s sensors for logging lap times and speed. Step two is the APEX Pro unit hardware. Sensors in the APEX Pro unit enable high quality data logging using purposeful motorsports accelerometers and GPS.

Looking for more? If your car is equipped with an OBDII Port (Model year vehicles from 1996 on, but 2008+ vehicles transmit better data) you can purchase the APEX Pro OBDII interface to view real time gauges and log engine data like coolant temp, throttle position and more.

Lap Timer Plus offers valuable data analysis tools like Sector Analysis, Theoretical Best Lap Calculation, and in-car Predictive Timing on the phone’s screen. Once you have used the APEX Pro app for a while, this is the next place to look for expanded functionality, and at $49/ year, it’s a reasonably price enhancement that offers a ton of value.

OBDII – Learn More Here

What is Lap Timer Plus?

4. Real Time Display – it’s grip based!

This is the bread and butter of APEX Pro and what distinguishes it from other products. APEX Score, as it is called, refers to the LEDs shown on the face of the APEX Pro unit and the data channel shown during data review. APEX Score is represented as a % with 100% meaning you are driving at the limit. APEX Score is valuable from brake application to track out – it does not help with insights in a straight line.

The key thing to know with APEX Score is that it uses machine learning, meaning it is adaptive. Your APEX Score on lap one will be a more generous score than it will be on lap three. Drive the car at your comfort level and APEX Score will learn your behaviors, and after only two laps in most cases, provide beneficial real time information on the LED’s. Red LED’s represent the remaining % out of 100. Red= opportunity. Green LED’s are good! All green = 100%.  APEX Score can be viewed after the track session during data review as well. You can plot it on a graph, overlay it on the track map, and even color other data by APEX Score (my favorite is coloring the Friction Circle by APEX Score!).

5. Dealer network – buy local, get great service

APEX Pro dealers are all around the US and Canada and offer unparalleled service. We always recommend buying from a dealer that is relatively local to you geographically. No matter where you live in North America, APEX Pro dealers have you covered!

Support is key, spend your money where you get the best customer service!

Click here to check out the APEX Pro dealer network.