You own an APEX Pro, what next???

Connect. Calibrate. Drive. Try it out before you go to the race track! 

The last thing you want to happen is to get to the race track and forget to setup your APEX Pro! We heavily recommend Connecting to your APEX Pro, tapping Calibrate, and hitting drive before getting to the track. Make it part of your muscle memory, and you will never miss logging data for a session again!

  • Tap Connect to find your APEX Pro and connect with Bluetooth. Select “Yes” when prompted “Would you like to remember this device?”
  • Tap Calibrate to Zero out the 9 Axis IMU (you will need to do this every time to move the unit to a new mounting location).
  • Tap Drive to enter the data logging and lap timer interface. Tap “Start” at the bottom of the page to begin logging data, and “Finish” then “Save Session” to store the logged data.
  • Make sure the correct track name is selected before logging data! Tap “tracks and records” to manually select tracks, create custom tracks, and view Crew View records.

Visit “Getting Started” for more info!

The Real Time Feedback Guide is essential reading for APEX Pro users!

Click the link below to download the Real Time Feedback Guide pdf.

Need to create a custom course? Download the Custom Track Feature Guide PDF. for everything you need to know about the Custom Track Feature!

Subscribe to the APEX Pro YouTube channel for App Tutorials, Feature guides, and race track specific content. This is the place to go for in-depth product information and data analysis!

Just got your APEX Pro and looking for the preferred mounting setup? Consult the Mounting Guide PDF. before doing your install!