2019 APEX Pro Android Plans

For 2019 APEX Pro will not continue to make developments to the Android App. Our competency as a company is on the Apple/ iOS software development side. At this time developing an Android app with equal functionality is not possible.

To offer the optimal user experience, we are diving full force into building the best Apple/iOS product possible!

Don’t fret! Any 6th generation or newer iPhone/iPad can download iOS 11+ and use the latest APEX Pro App! We are also selling iPod touches that will enable you the entire feature set!

15 thoughts on “2019 APEX Pro Android Plans

  1. Bob says:

    Wow…that’s bad news I was planning to buy an Apex Pro. But I’m not switching over to Apple products. Call me I can get some of my Engineers to help you build a hybrid app. You develop one codebase that supports both Android and Apple.

    • admin says:

      Hey Bob, we appreciate the consideration! Reach out to us via email and we can discuss this in more detail. The challenge that keeps us from developing an equal Android app has most to do with our Bluetooth/ BLE communication protocol. From our research, a common code base would be more of a band aid solution, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


      • John A. Tamplin says:

        Other people seem to have no problem using BTLE on Android, and I use it every single day as the primary key to my Tesla Model 3.

        If you have no interest or ability to support Android, how about documenting the protocol so others can?

        Regarding a common code base, you will have low-level code and UI code different, but all the core code can be shared. Many apps use j2objc to generate objC++ from Java code, and you get the benefit of using real IDEs that make development of the common code much easier. But none of this matters since you have made your mind up anyway and don’t want to use such tools.

  2. Doug Francis says:

    Andrew and Baker,
    I really enjoy my Apex pro I genuinely believe it is a great tool. I have found an apple device to use but the new about supporting the Android OS is disappointing. For me this increases the cost around the device.

  3. Larry Cable says:

    That is *very* unfortunate indeed since you have simply abandoned your existing (android) customers who bought their Apex Pro based on the existence of an Android solution (like myself).

    This would not be such a big issue if the device itself was not a significant investment, I would
    suggest a couple of options:

    1) open source your existing Android codebase, and commit to publishing sufficient documentation to allow 3rd parties to develop the app in order to take advantage of any new features of the ApexPro

    2) offer a full refund for android customers to return their devices which are no longer supported

    I personally would opt for the 2nd which is a one-time hit and would be the right thing to do for your android customers like myself who do not want to incur the cost of acquiring an IOS device in order to continue to use the ApexPro

    • admin says:

      Hey Larry,

      You are welcome to return your device, I apologize for the challenges as we worked hard to deliver an adaquate android solution and have since made this decision after analyzing many options.

      • Larry Cable says:

        Thanks I really appreciate the efforts that you made in making the Android app for us “Androids” in the first place, and I totally understand that this is a business decision that you had to make and support you for that. I’ll contact you directly about the return if I decide to go that route!

  4. John Houston says:

    Ironically, I bought an Apex pro last evening. I am an Android user. Since I think that this product will be of value to me, I bought an iPod this morning through your website. however, I would have greatly preferred to have been able to use my Android device.

  5. Rodney Gordon says:

    While I have an Android and an Iphone for motorsports stuff (both older ones, not current) I understand you want to move forward with development on a single platform, to reduce regression testing and overhead. Iphone is fine for me, though I still use the Android for other things. Keep up the good work, you guys have a unique product with your enthusiasm backing it.

  6. Carey Ritchey says:

    Tried using Apex pro without a cell signal on Ipad. Without WiFI the unit would not allow the start and finish locations to be set.
    Data review after each run also did not work with a wifi connection.

    • admin says:

      Hey Carey, have you tried tethering the iPad to a hot spot from your cell phone? Your iPad doesn’t need to be tethered while recording the data, just afterwards to load Apple maps. The date review screens other than the GPS satellite view are view-able without the hot spot connection as well.

      You should be able to set custom coordinates tethered to a hot spot as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you experience any further issues, andrew@apextrackcoach.com

  7. Pete Nicacio says:

    I bought my apex pro on feburary 9th last month at a racing seminar. Before I bought it I read that I could use it with my Android phone, although not all features would be available right away. After reviewing what features were available for my Android I decided to buy it. I’m confused on whether or not the 9 out of 12 features it will work with the app I downloaded for my Android , and you are not going to develope the rest or it can’t be used at all on a android and I have to buy a apple device because that’s not what I want to do.

    • admin says:

      Hey Pete,

      The platform currently on the Google Play Store will allow you to control your APEX device, select a track, calibrate, change the light settings, and display your lap times and APEX Scores. We will be keeping that app available on the Google Play Store, but do not plan on developing more features. Please don’t hesitate to email us at apex@apextrackcoach.com with more questions,


      • Pete says:

        Ok, that’s what I thought I was getting when I bought it. During the upcoming season I will decide if getting the rest of the functions is worth the cost of getting a apple device.

  8. Anthony Romano says:

    As a new solo driver I was interested in any apex pro to keep learning. However, as an android user spending an extra $200, having more devices to manage for reduced functionality will keep me shopping elsewhere.

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